How To Achieve Vertical Motion With Long Jump

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How to Achieve Vertical Motion with Long Jump

What is Long Jump?

Long jump is a track and field event in which athletes attempt to jump as far as possible from a take-off point. This event is also known as the broad jump, and it is one of the oldest competitive sports in the world. The long jump requires athletes to combine speed, power, and balance in order to propel themselves forward and achieve the farthest distance possible.

The Three Phases of Long Jump

The long jump has three distinct phases: the approach, the take-off, and the flight. The approach involves running down the runway, building momentum and generating power. The take-off is when the athlete propels themselves into the air, and the flight is the time they spend in the air. It is during the flight phase that athletes must use a combination of speed, power, and balance to achieve their maximum distance.

The Importance of Vertical Motion

The key to achieving maximum distance in the long jump is achieving vertical motion. The higher the athlete can jump, the farther they will be able to go. To achieve vertical motion, athletes must use the same principles of speed, power, and balance used in the approach and take-off phases. However, they must also use their bodyweight and arms to help lift them up and create a higher jump.

Tips to Achieve Vertical Motion in Long Jump

Here are some tips to help athletes achieve vertical motion in the long jump:

  • Focus on generating power in the approach and take-off. This will help you reach higher speeds and create more lift.
  • Use your arms and legs to help lift you up and achieve a higher jump.
  • Focus on balance and control, as this will give you more control over your bodyweight and help you stay in the air for longer.
  • Visualize your jump and focus on the end goal of achieving maximum distance.
  • Practice regularly to help build your strength and technique.


Achieving vertical motion in the long jump is an important part of achieving maximum distance. By focusing on speed, power, balance, and bodyweight, athletes can propel themselves higher and farther than ever before.